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Bonjour, mon nom est Jacque/i>. I was born November 2nd, 1986 which happens to be The Day of the Dead.

My posts usually involve the following in one way or another:
♥ Frédéric François Chopin
♥ Pro Ana
♥ Lolita / Aristocrat Fashion
♥ Japan / France / Germany / Korea / New York / Puerto Rico
♥ Piano
♥ Violin
♥ Cats
♥ Love [Because I am in love with being in love]
♥ Video & Online Games
♥ Tattoos
♥ Piercings
♥ Hair Styles
♥ Cosplay

I obsess over things and randomly get depressed. I can be very happy about things though so don't mind the random mood swings. I couldn't care less if you dislike what I like. Just don't feel you NEED to be an asshole about it. I know who I am and what I believe in and don't need YOU to tell me I'm wrong.

egl_comm_sales feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/834529.html

...( ̄へ  ̄ 凸 k.thanx.bai
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